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AYSO Region 96 - Tustin Soccer Festival
Fall 2017

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Tustin AYSO Region 96 - Tustin Soccer Festival!
December 16-17, 2018


You can find your team's schedule and bracket standings using the links on the left side of this page.

Please review the Tournament Homepage for Rules, Game Day Check-in Procedures, and Field Maps.


For the safety of our players and in accordance with City and School District policies, NO DOGS or PETS are to be present at any AYSO games, except for properly identified service animals.


Please report to the referee tent at the field at least 30 minutes prior to the game to check-in and receive the match card.  Please return the match card to the referee tent promptly after the game so scores and standings can be updated.

The TSF Referee Administrator has attempted to assign referees to games based on certification levels and schedule availability. Some referee crews have been split up to provide more appropriate assignments.  Some referees are scheduled to referee games at different field locations than where their team is playing.  We've attempted to allow sufficient time to move between the fields.  We intend to refund referee deposits to teams whose referees complete their current assignments (even if the team's referees are not assigned 9 slots).  Of course, we would welcome and appreciate any referee who would like to pick up more slots.  Please do not referee any team from your home region (with the exception of unaffiliated Tustin referees who may be assigned to R96 games), and please try to avoid refereeing any team in your own team's pool.  The Tournament Director and Referee Administrator have the discretion to remove or re-assign referees as needed or appropriate.

Referees interested in refereeing Championship games should email the TSF Referee Administrator at

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